Silicone Sealants

Discover the power of precision with Xtreme Caulking’s silicone sealing products. In every home and building, the right sealant is key to lasting protection and aesthetics. Our range is specially crafted for diverse applications and will certainly make the delivery of your caulking services easier. Explore our selection and find the perfect fit for your project.

Our Exceptional Line of Silicone Sealants

Xtreme Caulking brings you a premium selection of caulking silicone supplies, each uniquely formulated for specific needs. Our range ensures durability, flexibility, and unmatched quality for various applications.

Sikaflex Sealant

Sikaflex stands out for its high strength and elasticity. This polyurethane-based caulk is designed for demanding applications, providing a waterproof and durable bond. It’s perfect for construction, automotive, and industrial uses, offering exceptional adhesion to a wide range of materials.

Dowsil 791

Dowsil 791 is a high-performance, neutral-cure silicone sealant. It’s specifically formulated for weather sealing in curtain walls and building facades. This sealant offers excellent unprimed adhesion, long-term flexibility, and resistance to weathering, making it a reliable choice for exterior applications.

Dowsil 688

Dowsil 688 is an advanced silicone sealant, perfect for glazing and weatherproofing. It provides strong adhesion and is compatible with a variety of materials, including glass, aluminium, and painted surfaces. This sealant is highly resistant to UV radiation and temperature extremes, ensuring a resilient and lasting seal.

Admil Prosil 41LM

Admil Prosil 41LM is a premium low modulus, one-part moisture curing silicone sealant. It offers superior adhesion and durability in a range of applications, including glazing, weather sealing, and cladding. With a movement capability of over 50%, it’s ideal for high-movement applications. Its excellent weathering and UV resistance ensure long-term performance.

Admil Prosil 42FR

Admil Prosil 42FR is a flame retardant, non-corrosive, 100% silicone sealant designed for weather sealing in high-rise structures. It’s particularly effective for non-combustible cladding types around windows and expansion joints. With a fast skin time of 12 minutes and a high movement capability of 50%, it provides a durable, weatherproof seal on various building materials.

TBA Firefly Non-Flammable Backing Rod

The TBA Firefly Non-Combustible Backing Rod is made of Fortaglas rope over braided with a continuous filament, making it permeable. It’s used to fill voids in building façades, particularly between panels and other joints. Available in various sizes, it’s an essential component for ensuring the integrity and safety of building façades.

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Elevate your projects with Xtreme Caulking’s silicone sealants. Our range offers durability, flexibility, and superior adhesion for various applications. Ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Order now or contact us for more information and discover the perfect sealant for your needs.